NAACP calls Trump racist after its own poll shows improved black approval rating


A poll by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People shows that President Donald Trump’s approval rating among black voters is nearly three times higher than the percentage of blacks who voted for him in 2016, but the NAACP said the poll just confirms Trump’s racism.

According to the report accompanying the poll results, Trump’s improved approval rating among black voters doesn’t override the perceived negative impact the president is having on race relations.

“Our analysis shows President Trump’s racism is a major factor in both why and how people will vote in the midterm elections,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson said. “The poll confirms how Trump’s racism has not only divided the nation and polluted policy, but also serves as a key factor in motivating voters of color to disrupt politics as usual on a national scale.”

The poll showed Trump’s approval rating among black voters as 21 percent. Trump only earned 8 percent of the black vote during the 2016 election. –READ MORE


Trump recently threw his full support behind Republican Michigan Senate candidate John James. He’s a West Point graduate and U.S. Army combat veteran who’s running in Tuesday’s Michigan primary to win the Republican nomination for Senate. His opponent is Sandy Pensler, a man the Detroit News describes as an “Ivy League professor turned businessman.”

Oh, James happens to be black and his opponent, Pensler, happens to be white.

That shouldn’t matter, but it clearly does to the far-left media, so let’s throw that caveat in there.

Trump described James as “a potential Republican Star,” a far cry from any sort of derogatory racial epithet.

Of course, Trump didn’t just praise James. He also took a shot at “the Open Borders, weak on Crime, Democrat, Debbie Stabenow.” That shouldn’t surprise anyone either.- READ MORE

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