Mystery as Feinstein Pens Letter to Grassley Demaning Postponement of Kavanaugh Vote Literally Minutes After MSM Reports on New ‘Victim’


“Feinstein writes to Grassley asking for “an immediate postponement of any further proceedings related to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh” and calls on him to support an FBI investigation jnto the sexual misconduct allegations by Deborah Ramirez and Christine Blasey Ford.” — Kapur

What an incredible coincidence. Feinstein even mentions the new accuser’s name in her letter.

Uncanny timing.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democratic member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has come under heavy fire from both sides over her handling of the allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, which she submitted to the FBI less than a week before the confirmation vote and two months after having received the allegation. But she says the real blame for outing the accuser, who initially said she wanted to remain anonymous, falls at the feet of the media.

The response to Feinstein’s statement online has been overwhelmingly negative. Among those who pushed back on Feinstein’s attempt to blame the press was Republican Sen. Tom Cotton

“ says ‘the media outed’ Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser,” Cotton wrote Wednesday. “But only Democrats & their aides had access to the letter. So what she really means is Democrats leaked the letter. Either approved the leak or she can’t control her own committee. Neither good.” – READ MORE

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