Mystery as FBI Finds JP Morgan Executive Running al-Qaeda’s Websites & Money Laundering But Let Him Walk Away Free


The jaded history of the FBI and its alleged hot pursuit of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda has reached a new low, according to shocking details and insider testimony in the Deep State book PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas:

A disturbing excerpt from the book reveals:

Mogilner, the FBI team leader on the al-Qaeda undercover task force, had brought the bin Laden’s operation on a silver platter to her FBI overlords, and they punted.

Mogilner stresses the FBI and the U.S. intelligence apparatus could have had ALL al-Qaeda’s emails. That’s a massive difference compared to merely a small sampling of emails. And the difference between Intel gleaned from such emails could literally save lives and help put a severe dent in al-Qaeda’s global terror network and radical mayhem. And potentially pinpoint many mainstream players linked to bin Laden who were hiding in plain sight, in “normal,” traditional careers, according to revelations in the new Deep State book PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas.

“The guy who was doing their (al-Qaeda) online stuff, money laundering and running their online presence actually worked at JP Morgan in London,” Mogilner admitted.

Mogilner would not identify the subject but said he was a key IT worker for the bank who was fired after the financial conglomerate learned of his alleged connection to al-Qaeda. Stunningly, however, Mogilner said the FBI did not pursue the man, nor did British Intelligence arms MI5 or MI6 who are tasked with investigating terrorism. She said he took a job with another company and was never charged – or even interrogated to her knowledge.

“He was a member of al-Qaeda, running their money laundering, running their empire if you want to call it that,” she said. “It was all very international and very large. They (FBI) weren’t interested in him and never did anything that I know of.”

How in the hell would the FBI or CIA walk away from such a gem, like the JP Morgan connection?

“Well, they just didn’t care,” Mogilner said.

This explosive story is developing and is documented at length in the book, now available for ordering HERE:

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