‘My money, my choice’: Comedian Dave Chappelle tells audience that if women have a right to ‘kill’ their babies, men can ‘abandon ’em’ (VIDEO)


Controversial comedian Dave Chappelle offered his audience a profane and unusual take on abortion in his newest Netflix special, “Sticks & Stones.”

In a clip of his special posted by Netflix, Chappelle — who is known for challenging today’s woke culture and not caring what critics on the left or right thing of him — began his abortion riff declaring, “I’ll be real with you, and I know nobody gives a f*** what I think anyway. I’m not for abortion.”

At that an audience member cheered. To which Chappelle replied, “Oh, shut up, n*****,” adding, “I’m not for it, but I’m not against it either.”

He then touted the usual lines most pro-abortion advocates spout about the right to abortion and the “my body, my choice” worldview that claims an unborn child is nothing more than a clump of cells. – READ MORE

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