Murder of black Trump supporter shot dead in broad daylight sparks call for federal investigation


Bernell Trammell was shot dead in broad daylight on Thursday in Milwaukee. Trammell’s death has sparked questions if his “senseless” murder was politically motivated since he was an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump. The 60-year-old black man was killed in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood on Thursday afternoon.

Around 12:30 p.m., Trammell was shot in front of his shop. Patricia Holland, who lives near the crime scene, said she heard multiple gunshots near Trammell’s business, Expressions Journal Publications.

“I seen the ambulance and stuff – the police flying by my house, and I just said, ‘Oh my god,'” Holland said. “What happened to him, I mean — it shouldn’t happen to anyone. It’s a senseless death.”

Trammell was known as a “Rasta street preacher,” who had a variety of signs near his shop, including quoting Bible verses, promoting Black Lives Matter, supporting President Trump, and a hand-painted sign that read: “THUMBS UP BEFORE GUNS UP!”

“He was a happy person,” Holland said of Trammell. “He always talked to everybody that came by basically, say hi and speak to them.”

Trammell had Rastafari religious views and was an independent who supported Republicans and Democrats. – READ MORE

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