Mueller’s FBI Used Illegal Wiretaps to Target Congressman’s Phone & Email; Then Bogus FBI Raids Were Launched to Silence Powerful GOP Member


It turns out, illegal wiretaps were all the rage in the FBI long before President Trump was targeted by the Deep State — and even employed against the U.S. Congress — according to shocking details in the new Deep State book PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas

And the man who greenlighted illegal surveillance of GOP U.S. Congressman Curt Weldon was Robert Mueller who was FBI director at the time. That was before Mueller — who now investigates President Trump — launched phony FBI raids on the Congressman and his family days before his re-election bid.

But according to revelations in the new Deep State book PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas:

“Weldon was learning this lesson too. The Deep State turned on Weldon in 2004-2005. According to intelligence sources, Weldon was the target of wiretapping of phones and emails as well as internet activity. Likewise, his computer use was being monitored both in D.C, his office outside Philly, and his home.

“This looks like it was a FISA sweep involving the FBI or they (the Deep State) tapped him without any warrant,” one source revealed to me. “I don’t see how this could have been approved any other way. They were looking at everything on this guy. His file looks pretty bad going back to 2003.”
The same time Weldon began asking questions about bin Laden’s whereabouts in Iran. Purely coincidental, I’m sure.

That is Intel from one of my “heavyweight” sources. One of the same folks who helped get McCabe and his pals fired from the FBI. Irony.

But wait, the Deep State was using FISA warrants and illegal wiretapping as political weapons in 2003 and 2004?

Who in Mueller’s FBI and the Bush Justice Department signed off on spying on a member of Congress? Or was Weldon surveilled without any warrant? This was a Republican serving a Republican White House. A Republican administration spying on a Republican Congressman. Then ordering FBI raids on the Congressman’s family and associates two weeks before an election.
And still, no one in the federal government had lifted a damn finger to see if bin Laden, in fact, is or was living in Iran at the time.

Again, we fast forward to 2018. So the FBI played a role in the illegal surveillance of a U.S. Congressman circa 2004 and now the man who was FBI director at the time – Robert Mueller – is investigating Trump who was also the target of illegal wiretapping under FISA by the FBI under Mueller’s best friend forever, James Comey. There seems to be rather large conflicts here, to say the least. And proof that FISA and wiretaps have been a weapon in the Deep State’s arsenal for more than a decade – more likely almost two decades.

Congressman Weldon was out of a career spanning two decades in Congress and set on a path to a rough journey — burying his son who was collateral damage of the Deep State rainmakers in D.C. who play for keeps when it comes to protecting the D.C. Swamp.

At the same time Mueller was silencing and ruining Weldon, the FBI was covering up Intel on bin Laden in Iran. These are insane facts.

Former FBI Ops leader Mogilner said she was working for a CIA front company at the same time as a cover for Agency Intel work. She notified her old bosses at the FBI – Robert Mueller’s FBI – about bin Laden’s location in Iran. Neither Mueller nor any of his deputies reached out to her for additional details. There was never even any follow up. She was taken aback by the cavalier attitude.

This means U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller — former director of the FBI — failed to act on intelligence confirming al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was in Iran for years after 9/11.
Mueller was FBI director spanning the time bin Laden had been tucked away in safe houses in Iran with his family. But Mueller ignored intelligence from well-placed informants that bin Laden was in Iran.

Another informant from Europe who had done contract work for the CIA and FBI — was also blowing the whistle on bin Laden but no one on Mueller’s FBI would follow up, according to interviews I conducted. He had peppered federal agents with deauls on bin Laden’s activities and travels in Iran – sending tips for nearly 36 MONTHS – THREE YEARS.

Mueller never followed up. The informant was ignored.

During the same time that FBI executives were sitting on the bombshell information about bin Laden’s whereabouts, Bob Levinson mysteriously disappeared in Iran in 2007. Even after Levinson’s capture in Iran, FBI executives still took no action to act on intelligence pointing to bin Laden’s residency in Iran.

More alarming, Levinson vanished from Kish Island in Iran and bin Laden had been spotted at the same place by other informants, though it is a popular resort area.

Instead, under Mueller, the FBI covered up the bombshell Intel pouring in from federal agents and informants. Meanwhile, bin Laden was public enemy Number One, at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted list, yet the FBI did nothing to pursue credible intelligence he was living in Iran.

And now Mueller is investigating President Trump.

Levinson, a former FBI agent, and CIA officer is believed to be held captive in Iran.
Even Barack Obama’s $151 Billion ransom paid to Iran in the form of a “nuclear deal,” freed all other American hostages held in Iranian captivity, except for Levinson.

Why? Does Levinson too know the details of the Saudi government’s secret deal with Iran to safeguard bin Laden and his al-Qaeda deputies after 9/11 in Iran?

More importantly, were efforts to bring Levinson home intentionally botched by high-ranking FBI executives? The operation was spearheaded by now-disgraced FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe who is under federal investigation in late 2013. By then James Comey had taken the reigns of the FBI from the retired Mueller.

Comey and McCabe. The FBI duo who allowed Hillary Clinton to skate, now in charge of a hostage recovery operation in Iran. One can guess how this turned out.
FBI agents said FBI bosses tampered with the Levinson rescue case and it went sideways, despite the tireless efforts of the Bureau’s rank-and-file to bring him home.

This explosive story is developing and is documented at length in the book, now available for ordering HERE:


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