Mueller Plagiarizes Right-Wing YouTube Journalist’s Lawsuit Against Podesta in New Russian Indictments; DOJ’s Big Splash Appears Fabricated


U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spent untold millions investigating Russia, President Trump and all things Trump but his latest indictments of 12 alleged Russian operatives lifts language and content from the pending lawsuit of a humble YouTube journalist.

George Webb sued John Podesta in 2017, along with other elected and public officials including Justice Department personnel but today, exact language, accusations and content from Webb’s suit appeared in the Justice Department’s indictment. Beyond strange.

Mueller swiped Webb’s hacking allegations against Imran Awan and simply flipped them — almost word for word — and made the exact allegations against Russian operatives.

How did the exact wording and language from Webb’s civil lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia appear in Mueller’s big criminal Russian indictment?

Is the Special Counsel cutting corners now and simply stealing content from other lawsuits? Even a suit against DOJ personnel? Where is all the money going to then?

This is far from a coincidence, based on an analysis of the two court filings. Who on Mueller’s team plagiarized Webb’s legal filing and tried to mask it as “new” and “breaking” revelations? Seems like a rushed job for sure.

This is a legal sham, complete with Rod Rosenstein’s impromptu press conference on Friday announcing the indictments.

When was Mueller’s new indictments drafted, during Thursday’s House testimony of FBI Agent Peter Strzok? Why would you need to steal content for Russian indictments if your case was well researched and legitimate?

Some slick sleuthing from Twitter investigator @myhtopoeic pinpointed the plagiarism, a practice likewise considered taboo in legal circles — not only the literary arena.

Mueller’s “new” indictment seems to mirror the majority of Webb’s civil suit in theme, wording and allegations. Here is one glaring example.

From Webb’s suit:

From Mueller’s indictments:

Millions of your tax dollars at work. Stealing content for a supposed high-profile lawsuit.

Webb was not available for comment.

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