Mueller Launched FBI Raids to Target Congressman, Protect Deep State Official in Russia Accused of Running Nazi Party


The FBI raided the home of a Congressman, his daughter’s house, and the law office of a friend in a sweeping chain of raids just days before Election Day, according to shocking details in the new Deep State book PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas.

The FBI seized a file with pictures of a high-ranking CIA official assigned to and working in Moscow dressed in a Nazi uniform, according to John Gallagher, a lawyer who was involved in the raid.

Robert Mueller as FBI director arranged the raid, with the permission of the GOP White House, targeting GOP Congressman Curt Weldon and his family two weeks before what would have been his 11th term in Congress in 2006. Mueller had notified the media before the raid who tailed the FBI during its early morning raids in Philadelphia.

Mueller is now the U.S. Special Counsel investigating President Trump and his White House for alleged Russian collusion during the 2016 election.

Gallagher was the target of the FBI raids of 75 FBI agents, along with Weldon and Weldon’s young daughter.

Excerpt from PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI on Our Pajamas:

(Gallagher) said Mueller’s FBI took one file from his office during the raid. Gallagher was representing a Russian citizen who had family members in Philadelphia and who begged John to take the case.

So why did Mueller want the file?

The Russian was run over by a drunk driver and confined to a wheelchair. That drunk driver was a station chief for the CIA on duty in and around Moscow. He was on his way to a strip club. And he was blasted.

But it wasn’t the first time the CIA officer mowed people down with his car on duty. Drunk.

And Gallagher had compiled affidavits from other State Dept. employees attesting that they man was a menace and should be fired. Gallagher said this man was likely a friend of Mueller or a friend of a Deep-State friend.

“Mueller wanted the file because the guy was a CIA station chief but he was also president of the Communist Party over there in some regards,” Gallagher said. “We had pictures of him in the file dressed in a Nazi uniform at one of the meetings. So I think that was the reason the FBI raided my office, to get that file for something Mueller wanted to keep quiet as a favor.”

Weldon, who had threatened to hold hearings about Mueller’s corrupt FBI, lost his re-election bid. That sounds like Mueller was involved in some Russian collusion.

This explosive story is developing and is documented at length in the book, now available for ordering HERE:

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