Mueller Holding Back the Russian Probe Report to Save Democrats from Huge Embarrassment before Midterms


The Mueller Report is complete. But Mueller has decided to hold on to it
Any guesses as to why the hottest report on the planet, a report taxpayers have paid over $20 million at this point must be delayed until AFTER the midterms? Can’t think of anything?

Honestly, how does a man with major conflicts of interests report on himself? Further, when your investigation yields absolutely nothing against the target in more than a year, yet a treasure trove of information against his opponents is amassed, well you should slow-walk the report.

And that’s just what Mueller is doing.

If this report had anything damning against Donald Trump or President Trump, then it would have been leaked.

Adam Schiff and his team are leak freaks. I can only imagine all the Leftists who have seen this report. They strategize in private, trying to figure out how to spin the news. READ MORE:

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