Mueller Discussion on CNN, MSNBC Plummeted After He Testified in July


Interest in Robert Mueller and the sprawling Russia investigation he oversaw for two years plummeted on MSNBC and CNN following his testimony last month, a Free Beacon analysis found.

After mentioning Mueller an average of at least 3,398 times a month on its airwaves over the past 26-and-a-half months, MSNBC broadcasts only mentioned his name 370 times in August, a decrease of more than 89 percent. CNN’s drop was even more precipitous; after his name was heard an average of at least 2,716 times a month over that same period, it fell to 177 times in August, a drop of more than 93 percent.

Overall, the word “Mueller” was uttered on MSNBC (90,001) and CNN (71,942) at least a combined 161,943 times over the 806-day period from May 17, 2017 to July 31, 2019. Click here to see a day-to-day breakdown.

If it takes about one-third of a second to say “Mueller,” it would take roughly 15 hours to say it that many times consecutively. On average, the word “Mueller” was said by someone more than 111 times a day on MSNBC and more than 89 times a day on CNN. That dropped to less than 12 times a day on MSNBC and less than six times a day on CNN in August. – READ MORE

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