MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Is ‘Obviously Unhinged’

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According to an article by J. D. Durkin for the website, “Fox’s question stems from a Tweet a few weeks ago where Cuomo alleged that Scarborough and Brzezinski ‘have always been boosters’ of the president-elect.”

Scarborough did not mince words while answering questions in the interview, which was released Thursday evening:

First of all, you have to take whatever Chris Cuomo says or retweets with a grain of salt because he also retweeted something saying that Morning Joe was a racist show.

Unfortunately, he’s obviously unhinged by something. We’ve never said anything bad about him, never said anything negative about the show.

However, Cuomo noted, “things turned south” for the MSNBC program “when Trump froze them out but coverage” was “always stilted. They are transition spokesmen now.”READ MORE

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