MSNBC’s Impeachment Question Was Too Crazy Even For Nancy Pelosi (VIDEO)


Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi refused to even touch the idea of impeaching President Donald Trump on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports Thursday saying, “I can’t speak to that.”

Pelosi called for an independent commission to take over the Russia investigation because special counsel Robert Mueller was still under the watchful eye of the Department of Justice,

“We need an outside, completely objective review of the events,” she said.

Pelosi said it’s “a fact” that the Russians hacked and altered America’s election system, adding that, regardless of Trump’s alleged activities, it was paramount to continue the investigation outside of Congress to maintain the integrity of U.S. elections.

Pelosi couldn’t provide proof that Trump took part in obstruction, instead saying that he is abusing his authority as commander-in-chief.

“I don’t know whether the president obstructed justice, but I do know that he abuses power,” she said.

Pelosi believes that the Russian government is blackmailing or extorting Trump, using sensitive information designed to bend him to their will. “What do the Russians have on President Trump?Personally, politically, financially, that he would question the value of sanctions on Russia for their behavior in Eastern Europe,” she asked.

Pelosi closed with saying, “Something’s wrong with this picture. Is it criminal? That remains to be seen.”

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