MSNBC: ‘RepubliKlan’ Trump Putting ‘Segregationists’ on the Courts (VIDEO)


On Sunday’s AM Joy, one left-wing MSNBC guest portrayed Republicans as a “RepublicaKlan party” promoting “white supremacy,” and another guest tried to paint one of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees as a “segregationist” as he also smeared former Senator Jesse Helms as “one of the most notorious racists in American politics.”

Ari Berman of the far-left Mother Jones appeared about 11:36 a.m. ET to discuss one of his articles in which he went after federal judicial nominee Tom Farr as someone who had supported “voter suppression” in North Carolina. He also claimed that the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court seat was “stolen” from Democrats, and, without offering any evidence, accused former Senator Helms of being a “notorious racist.”


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