MSNBC Regular Elie Mystal Flips Out Over Epstein: I Wonder if Pelosi Thinks Killing a Man is Impeachable


Frequent MSNBC commentator Elie Mystal reached right for the top when joining in the social media frenzy following the reported suicide death of Jeffrey Epstein, going not just for the #TrumpBodyCount murder theory, but throwing it at the feet of Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not having impeached the President yet.

“I wonder if thinks killing a man is an impeachable offense,” he said, in a jab at the Democratic leader that followed a series of high dudgeon tweets.

Mystal began his thread by tweeting the New York Times story on Epstein’s death, all-caps tweeting “HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU LET THIS HAPPEN???”

“He needed to testify. He tried this before. GOD DAMN IT,” wrote Mystal, referencing the story that Epstein may have already attempted suicide once while in custody. – READ MORE

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