MSNBC Panel Disturbed By Trump’s ‘Graphic’ Depiction of North Korea (VIDEO)


In a well-received speech before South Korean lawmakers on Tuesday, President Trump tried to rally the region and the world against the rogue North Korean regime. The President glorified South Korea for its booming economy and democratic government. He also drew attention to North Korea’s decades of human rights abuses, the hellish living conditions of its people, and the desperate things they would do to escape, including selling themselves into slavery. That’s the truth about life in North Korea, but for MSNBC’s Brian Williams and members of his panel on The 11th Hour, it was just too much.

But the other thing that stuck out to me in this speech was, he painted a picture of what life in North Korea is like under this regime. He described it as hell. He talked about a murderous regime. In very dark terms,” said Philip Rucker, the White House bureau chief for The Washington Post.

After Rucker noted how it was in contrast to Trump’s flowery language about South Korea, Williams agreed with his guest’s initial point. “Yeah, Phil, to one of your points, I was struck by how clinical and graphic this speech got at one point,” Williams critiqued. “Very dark, wondering what, where, how that was injected into this speech? It’s not the kind of thing you wanted children in the room to hear.

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