MSNBC: Majority of Caravan Members Are Men, Some Not Talking About Asylum (VIDEO)


An MSNBC correspondent said Monday that the majority of people in the migrant caravan at the southern border were men, noting some of them weren’t talking about seeking asylum.

Reporting just over the southern border in Tijuana, Mexico, Gadi Schwartz took viewers on a walking tour through the “inner sanctum” of the shelter for the caravan, which consists of Central American migrants.

“You’re going to see a lot of families here, a lot of women and children, but the truth is the majority of the people that are part of this caravan … the majority of them are men, so when this becomes a polarized, political issue in the United States, you have people on one side that point and say, ‘There are women and children here,’ and that is true, and then there are others who point and say, ‘These are men that are trying to cross the border,’ and that’s true, too,” Schwartz said.- READ MORE

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