MSNBC host says Trump is winning and Nancy Pelosi is ‘scared of looking completely stupid and impotent’


MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Tuesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is now scared of “looking completely stupid and impotent” because of the moves the Trump administration has made.

The surprising statement was made while Matthews was discussing the battle between President Donald Trump and Democrats over various committees investigating members of the administration.

“Where’s this story going because I think that we’re gonna get… Donald Jr. to testify, but I think on the House side they’re gonna continue to stonewall, I don’t think they’re gonna send anybody up there,” Matthews said during his “Hardball” show.

“They’re gonna test their ability to fine them or imprison them in this little cell up on Capitol Hill,” he continued. “They’re gonna make them into a laughing … I think even Nancy Pelosi is scared of looking completely stupid and impotent now!” – READ MORE

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