MSNBC Host Says Some Reporters From Right-Leaning Outlets Are Not Real Journalists: ‘Don’t Use That Term’


While discussing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, MSNBC host Katy Tur pushed back when MSNBC correspondent Ken Dilanian described some reporters from the Daily Caller and Fox News as journalists.

“There’s a whole amen chorus out there that is arguing with Donald Trump and that’s what’s fueling this,” Dilanian said. “It isn’t just Trump and his tweets, it’s Fox News, it’s the Daily Caller website. There’s a whole cadre of journalists who are essentially making this argument…”

“Don’t use that term. They’re not journalists if they’re doing that,” Tur interjected.

“That’s a great point, because the facts as you’ve just laid out very compellingly, don’t comport with this at all,” Dilanian agreed.- READ MORE

“Every dollar counts, and $1,000 is a very big deal. But along with cheering one-time bonuses, shouldn’t we be pushing for long-term salary hikes, the kind of sustained help that would transform big-ticket dreams into everyday realities?

Because think about it, starting a family, owning a home, sending your kids to college, these should be within the reach of every American, bonus or no bonus. Or does that make me seem out of touch? I’m just not sure.”

“These one-time bonuses … $1,000 is a big deal,” Tur continued. “Nobody’s scoffing at $1,000. But is that where we should stop sharing, or should there be a push to change the system and get wages up so that workers can afford more of these everyday things?” – READ MORE

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