MSNBC Host and Liberal Guest Snap on Trump Supporter: ‘I Guess You Think You’re on Fox News?’ (VIDEO)


During a contentious segment, Harrington was trying to get a word in, as Melber and his liberal host John Flanngery were criticizing President Donald Trump over his call with the president of Ukraine. Eventually Melber snapped, saying to Harrington, “I guess you think you’re on Fox News, right?”

Melber continually pressed Harrington on acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney‘s public admission that the White House engaged in a quid pro quo related to Ukrainian military aid. Harrington, however, tried to claim Mulvaney was trying to get that country to launch an investigation into the 2016 election in exchange for releasing $391 million in Congressionally approved money.

After Melber played the infamous “we do that all the time” admission from Mulvaney’s press conference, which Mulvaney desperately tried to walk back hours later, Harrington began to furiously spin and distract. – READ MORE

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