MSNBC Guest Claims Voter ID Laws Made It ‘Sort of Impossible’ for Blacks to Vote (VIDEO)


On Monday’s MTP Daily, frequent MSNBC guest Zerlina Maxwell made the latest claim of “voter suppression” perpetrated by Republicans as she ludicrously declared that voter ID laws were “making it sort of impossible” for blacks to vote in Wisconsin and Michigan. Her claim was not disputed by substitute host Steve Kornacki or either of the other two panel members.

Near the end of the show at 5:54 p.m. ET, host Kornacki observed that Senate Republicans may have to endure more competitive than expected elections against Democrats if there are strong primary challengers, Maxwell began her response by advising that Democrats “stay focused on building our own base.” She then went after voter ID laws as she continued:

I think we have to ignore what the Republicans are doing and essentially the civil war that’s going on over there and focus on turning out our own voters and making sure that the voter suppression and voter ID laws that were so successful in keeping so many African-American voters home in Wisconsin or, you know, and basically making it sort of impossible for them to vote in states like Wisconsin and Michigan…

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