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MSNBC Decries The Google Memo As ‘Anti-Women’ And Indicative Of ‘Bro Culture’ (VIDEO)


MSNBC host Katy Tur and her guest decried an “anti-women” Google memo that criticizes the company’s “ideological echo chamber.”

The memo, written by an anonymous employee and leaked to the media, implored Google employees to be more open ideologically and “stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism.”

While Katy Tur questioned Kara Swisher, a female CEO in tech, the MSNBC chyron referred to the Google memo as “anti-women.”

The chyron may be referring to the portion of the memo that explains that biological differences between men and women–which can cause them to prefer different careers–may account for at least part of the gender gap in tech.

“Why is it okay to diminish women still?” Tur asked Swisher about the memo, obviously begging the question.

“I don’t know Katy. I don’t know. Why is it okay to diminish women?” Swisher responded. “I haven’t answered that question here or in Washington or anywhere else.”

“It’s called the bro culture, essentially,” Swisher asserted. “And I know they don’t like being called this but that’s what it is…it leads a very bright line into these sexual assault things that have been happening.”


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