MSNBC Contributor Questions Harris’s Credibility on Criminal Justice (VIDEO)


MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson on Monday compared Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) proposing a new criminal justice plan to a burglar offering to install home security systems.

“Her attempt to roll out this brand new criminal justice program is one of her ways of saying, ‘Hey, I’m coming back into this. I’ve got something to say, I’m an expert in this area,” Johnson said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “But politically, it’s kinda difficult. She’s sort of like a burglar saying, ‘Hey, let me set up your home security system.'”

Johnson added that since she announced her presidential candidacy, Harris has faced an uphill climb with liberal voters, given her harsh record on crime as California’s attorney general.

“Many liberals have said she is a part of the very criminal justice system that she’s now saying, ‘Hey this is how I’m going to reform it,'” Johnson said. “So, a lot of this is about Senator Harris convincing people that she can initiate the changes she seemed to symbolically represent when she first got into the race.” – READ MORE

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