MSNBC analyst claims jokes about Joe Biden’s Air Force One fall could inspire assassins


MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance claimed Friday that joking about President Joe Biden’s infamous tripping incident while boarding Air Force One could encourage an assassination attempt against Biden.

With cameras rolling, Biden tripped three times while climbing stairs to board Air Force One on Friday. In response, the White House blamed the wind.

“It wasn’t the wind folks,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

The MSNBC terrorism analyst claimed Trump Jr.’s tweet was “dangerous” because it could inspire bad actors to harm the president.

“Well, it’s dangerous because what he does is he makes light of the potential of injury people,” Nance alleged on Dean Obeidallah’s SiriusXM radio show.

Shockingly, Nance claimed that members of firearm forums may see Trump Jr.’s video and become inspired to use their “long-range shooting skills” against Biden.- READ MORE

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