MSM IN AWE: Michelle Obama Tells The Story Of ‘Becoming’ Herself — And The Struggle To Hang On (to her Millions of Dollars)


Wow. The MSM is smitten with Michelle.

And her ‘Struggle.’ Whatever the hell that means.

In her new book, Becoming, former first lady Michelle Obama writes about the profound frustration of being misunderstood — of being pegged as an “angry black woman.” She writes about the discomfort of being a hyper-accomplished woman only recognized through her connection to a powerful man. She writes about the power in telling one’s own story, on one’s own terms.

So it’s perhaps a cruel irony that the first headlines about Obama’s book have been about her anger at Trump. And that’s because Trump, and Obama’s accompanying contempt towards him, occupies a minuscule sliver of this memoir — a handful of pages, most of them toward the very end.

In fact, it’s probably unfair to have mentioned him in the second paragraph of this review. Actually, let’s just start this whole thing over.

You know Michelle Obama because of her husband. Michelle Obama knows you know her because of her husband.

She’s fine with that — not that it hasn’t taken some work. READ MORE if you can stomach it:

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