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Politics Petition Demands: ‘Abolish the Electoral College’


A petition currently trending on the website of the George Soros-funded activist group calls for the electoral college to be abolished.

The petition, titled, “Abolish the Electoral College,” has garnered 98,235 signatures as of this writing.  The website says it is seeking 100,000 signatories – this after 131,741,000 voted.

The text states:

“The Electoral College has outlasted its usefulness. It is part of the constitution, written when communication was by pony express.

Voters currently living and voting in a ‘red’ or ‘blue’ state are disenfranchised, because their vote doesn’t matter. Eliminating the electoral college means: no ‘swing’ states getting all the attention and all the campaign stops and all the empty campaign promises. The electoral members are selected by the two main political parties, Republican and Democrat, disenfranchising all other voters, independent, Libertarian, etc. End it now.” – READ MORE

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