Mother dies during childbirth from treatable condition that went undiagnosed due to COVID-19 restrictions


A New York woman died during childbirth last month, and her husband said she tried to get treatment for the condition that killed her, but couldn’t because of coronavirus restrictions in hospitals, according to People magazine.

Amber Rose Isaac, 26, died on April 21 when her heart stopped shortly after giving birth to her son, Elias. The child’s father, Bruce McIntyre, called the death “100% preventable” if she had been able to get an in-person appointment in the months leading up to her death.

Isaac began noticing her platelet levels decreasing beginning in February, McIntyre said, but she couldn’t get an in-person appointment despite being seven months pregnant. Her regular check-ups were handled virtually, with her filling out a questionnaire and checking her blood pressure.

New York City has been the city hardest hit by the coronavirus in the U.S. Attempts to slow the spread of COVID-19, combined with efforts to preserve hospital capacity resulted in many people being unable to get in-person appointments for potentially serious conditions.

She was finally admitted to Montefiore Hospital in The Bronx in mid-April after her condition got worse. That same day, April 17, Isaac posted her final tweet — a criticism of how she was treated by the hospital. – READ MORE

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