Mosul battle: How the fight against Isis is being reported through victory selfies and Facebook statuses


When the battle to retake Mosul from Isis began last month, many were unnerved by the idea that the war was being livestreamed through Facebook.

While the feed is no different from live broadcast news, the ability to send reaction emoticons as pictures of tanks roll through the Nineveh plains is a decidedly 21st-century development in how we understand conflict.

The fight against Isis may look strange broadcast via Facebook Live to those far away but for Iraqis close to the fighting, soldiers on the ground posting to social media is often beating traditional news sources as their first port of call for what’s happening.

Commanders and troops in the Iraqi coalition are increasingly posting online updates on their whereabouts, including videos of them walking through newly liberated towns, destroying Isis flags and paraphernalia as they go, or accounts of what happened during the day.  – READ MORE

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