Morning Joe’s ‘Non-Partisan’ Guest Calls on Military to Disobey Trump Border Orders


One of NewsBusters’ classification categories is “Covert Liberal Activists,” and my antennae immediately went up when Lauren Leader was introduced on today’s Morning Joe as “co-founder and CEO of All In Together, “a non-partisan, women’s civic and political organization.”

It didn’t take much digging to determine that “non-partisan” Leader and her All In Together sidekicks are liberals.

The topic of the opening segment was the chaotic border-crossing attempts yesterday, and President Trump’s authorization to use force, lethal if necessary, to prevent illegal entry. Of all the panelists, including steadfast liberals like Mike Barnicle and John Heilemann, “non-partisan” Leader was the most impassioned in her condemnation of President Trump. Not surprising given that she had already, via tweet, accused Trump of an “atrocity” in the matter.

Leader then took matters an astounding step further, calling on the military, and in particular Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis, to disobey the orders of the Commander-in-Chief:

“We are not a military dictatorship. And the military does have a certain level of independence. He is the Commander-in-Chief, but the military also does have authority to decide for themselves whether there are moral lines that they will or will not cross. And I hope will stand up and absolutely refuse to enforce these illegal actions.”READ MORE

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