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Morning Joe’s Mika: Bill Clinton Scandals ‘Opened The Door’ For Current WH Culture (VIDEO)


MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski believes former President Bill Clinton’s sex scandals “opened the door” for current White House culture.

“There were some very abnormal things and inappropriate things happening within the Clinton presidency that were overlooked,” she said.

The panel was discussing how every new administration eventually commits a shocking act, and that act is quickly considered to be the “new normal” in Washington. They specifically referred to Clinton’s perjury scandal where he lied to congress about having sexual relations with intern Monica Lewinsky.

“I would actually argue that Bill Clinton’s presidency started the process that we’re seeing accelerated now at 100 miles per hour in the Trump presidency,” Brzezinski said.

She added that it wasn’t just men involved in the cover-up, but women too who helped defend the dirty deeds of the oval office, helping to create the “crazy situation” seen in the White House today.

Scarborough attributed most of the blame to Bill Clinton’s lawyers, whom he said constantly lied on the former president’s behalf. Both he and Brzezinski agreed that the level of deception in the Clinton White House was nothing compared to the Trump administration, with Scarborough saying it’s “not even close.”

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