Morning Joe Turns on Stormy Daniels: ‘Not Very Credible’ (VIDEO)


Following the highly anticipated 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels, panelists on Monday’s Morning Joe changed their tone with regard to the scandal, approaching the story with a heretofore unseen level of skepticism. MSNBC contributor John Heilemann complained that the interview ‘fell short,’ while host Joe Scarborough and George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley questioned the porn star’s motives and credibility.

Scarborough took aim at Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing Daniels, who had been very well-received as a guest on the show only weeks earlier. The host reminded viewers of the photo of a CD-ROM which Avenatti had tweeted a few days before the 60 Minutes segment aired. Like his compatriots, Scarborough had mistakenly assumed that whatever damning evidence the disc had contained would come out on the CBS News program:

He keeps waving around the CD. We keep hearing about pictures. What exactly are they waiting for if this is about truth, justice, and the American way instead of just a really big fat paycheck for her from some publication?READ MORE

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