‘Morning Joe’ Host Cautions Against Writing Off Trump Voter Base (VIDEO)


“Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist warned Thursday that Trump voter backlash will most likely continue because the president’s voter base feels pushed into a corner by the mainstream media.

“They’re willing to overlook so much of what Donald Trump says and does because they voted not so much for that guy. But for a vessel to push forward their frustrations with us in the press, with the popular culture that they believe is pushing against them and putting them into corners, and calling them bigots when they don’t’ think they’re bigots,” Geist said.

Co-host Joe Scarborough doubted the influence of the Trump voter, and said, “Trump voters are one out of every three Americans. That’s who the Trump voters are. Donald Trump is in power, the guy lost the popular vote by over three million votes. He ran against somebody who may people considered to be the least effective general election candidate in our lifetime.”

Scarborough believes the Trump voter impact is inflated, and thinks their movement may fizzle out.

“Sometimes we overstate the Trump voter’s impact on America because it’s one out of three Americans. We’ll see that impact next year but when you’re outnumbered two to one, it’s usually not a very good indication of how strong your political movement is,” Scarborough said.

That’s when Geist stepped in to issue a word of warning to Scarborough that the backlash is greater than the media realizes.

“We just have to be careful … the backlash is probably greater than a lot of us maybe had anticipated among Trump voters. To pop culture and the push against Donald Trump,” he said.

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