More than 5,000 Killed, Wounded, Kidnapped Trying to Rebuild Afghanistan


More than 5,000 Americans, Afghans, and coalition service members have been killed, wounded, or kidnapped in Afghanistan since the United States began its multibillion-dollar rebuilding effort in 2002.

In the government’s first public accounting of the human cost of rebuilding Afghanistan, U.S. officials conservatively estimate that 5,135 have been killed or wounded in the 18 years since rebuilding and stabilization missions began in Afghanistan. The statistics are recorded in a report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR.

The total number of casualties “includes 2,214 killed and 2,921 wounded.” The report also “identified 1,182 individuals that were kidnapped or went missing.” The oversight organization billed its findings as the “first official accounting by an independent inspector general of the human costs of reconstruction and stabilization in Afghanistan.”

The newly released statistics are likely to anger opponents of America’s ongoing reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. Despite the billions of taxpayer dollars poured into the reconstruction effort, the United States still has little to show for its investment.

“Unless the U.S. Government considers the human costs, the true costs of reconstruction and stabilization efforts in Afghanistan are not accurately captured,” SIGAR concluded in its report. – READ MORE

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