More Than 100 National and State Leaders Call on Congress to End Children’s Private Data Collection


A Coalition Of Leaders Of More Than 100 Organizations — Both Nationally And In 31 States — Is Calling On Congress To Rewrite The Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (Ferpa) And To Recognize The Government Has No Right To Or Role In Children’s Private Data Collection.

“General education and labor databases should not be collecting and storing sensitive, subjective social, emotional, psychological and behavioral data,” said Dr. Karen Effrem, a pediatrician and President of Education Liberty Watch in a press statement.

Effrem added:

Psychological data related to behavioral, mental health, or special education concerns should be gathered after informed consent and treated with the same care and confidentiality as medical data, with appropriate sharing with law enforcement as needed under current statutes. If this had been done in the Parkland situation, that horrific tragedy could have been avoided. –  READ MORE 

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