Mollie Hemingway: ABC “Quashed” Epstein Story, But Broadcast “Wild” Allegations About Brett Kavanaugh

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“The Federalist” senior editor Mollie Hemingway raised questions Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” about Disney-owned ABC News refusing to air an interview with one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers.

“Project Veritas” released hot-mic footage yesterday showing ABC reporter Amy Robach talking about how she was not allowed to broadcast her reporting on Epstein.

“You know, she specifically mentions Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, other high profile people. It pays to have friends in high places, I suppose. But this is such a great example of why people have come to just profoundly distrust their media,” Hemingway said. “They know the game is rigged. They know that things are not — that that the media gets to decide what gets a high play and what doesn’t. And that who gets destroyed and who doesn’t. And seeing that power that the media have and seeing how corruptly they wield that power is really eye opening for a lot of Americans.”

“It is worth remembering that it was just a year ago with the Brett Kavanaugh situation that wild allegations were coming forth. Things that had no supporting evidence, that Brett Kavanaugh was the leader of a serial gang rape cartel. Those things came to came to be broadcast on that network, even though there was no corroboration for them and a lot of reasons to doubt the veracity of those stories,” she also said. – READ MORE

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