MIT director resigns over university’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein

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A director at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s prestigious Media Lab is resigning — because he’s “ashamed” over the research center’s link to Jeffrey Epstein, according to a new report.

Ethan Zuckerman, director of the lab’s Center for Civic Media, announced his plans last week and said he was “heartbroken” over the decision, the Boston Globe reported.

“I am ashamed of my institution today and starting the hard work of figuring out how to leave the Lab while taking care of my students and staff,” Zuckerman wrote to colleagues in a note obtained by the Globe. “I no longer feel I can continue working on issues of social justice under the banner of the Media Lab.”

On Tuesday, Zuckerman confirmed to the outlet, “I’m working with my students and staff to move my work out of the Media Lab. That might involve moving to another part of MIT. It might mean moving elsewhere.” – READ MORE

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