Missouri GOP Pushing Bill to Eliminate Gun-Free Zones at Colleges, Churches


Republicans in the Missouri House are pushing a bill to eliminate gun free zones at colleges and churches around the state.

The bill is sponsored by state Rep. Jered Taylor (R-Nixa).

The Kansas City Star reports that the bill passed the House Rules and Legislative Oversight Committee Wednesday by a vote of eight to three. The chairman of that committee, state Rep. Shawn Rhoads (R-West Plains), said, “The problem right now is our gun-free zones where people aren’t allowed to carry guns, and this is what this tries to defeat.”

Rhoads added, “If I know that I’m going to commit a crime on a college campus and I plan this out but I don’t know who’s there carrying a gun or not, I’m probably going to think twice. But if I know for a fact that no one on that campus is allowed to carry a gun, then I have a soft target, and I am able to do exactly what I want to do within there.” – READ MORE

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