Missouri bill would give opioid addicts a safe place to use


ST. LOUIS – Aaron Laxton says it might sound counterintuitive but a bill aimed at reducing opioid addiction in Missouri would give users a safe place to use without fear of prosecution.  Laxton knows all too well just how damaging heroin can be.

The bill would allow communities to create what’s known as safe consumption facilities.  The facilities would be a place where heroin users could use their drugs and receive treatment at the same time.  Medical personnel and social workers would be able to help direct users into forms of treatment.

“We want to bring people out of the shadows,” said Laxton.  “We don’t condone what you’re doing but until we can get you to a point where you’re not using, we’re going to be here for you.”

House Bill 2367 has little chance of passing this legislative session but Laxton promises to make his pitch to lawmakers next year.  He says once they recognize how many of their own constituents have overdosed, they realize something needs to be done. – READ MORE

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