Millennials Want To Ban Secret Santa Because It Gives Them Anxiety


Millennials aren’t interested in participating in the office “Secret Santa,” according to a new study by the British job-hunting website, Jobsite, because the practice is “stressful” and anxiety-inducing.

“Secret Santa” is, of course, a regular practice among work colleagues during the holidays. It’s often preferred to other practices because organizers can limit the budget spent on gifts, and it doesn’t align with any specific religious holiday, so it doesn’t leave anyone out of the loop (though, of course, jolly ol’ St. Nick is identified with Christmas).

But Millennials – facing the blame for killing everything from home ownership to landline telephones to sit-down Pizza Hut – are tired of participating in mandatory holiday activities at work and would rather corporate America keep the gift-giving private.

Jobsite’s study focused on the “negative effects” of Secret Santa and “it found that some millennials – Yes, of course, it’s millennials – have been suffering from anxiety as a result of their workplace Secret Santa,” reports viral news site Twenty-Two Words. – READ MORE

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