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Mike Lee: Obama about to become Big Brother Monster


A bipartisan group of lawmakers is drafting legislation to block a new Obama administration rule that would allow the government to hack into the devices of any American on the permission of a single judge – without the need for any evidence of wrongdoing.

At issue is Rule 41 (b)(6)(B) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, which spells out the protocol the federal government must follow to obtain information from American citizens. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, says the proposed language is a major departure from the current policy.

“Right now, as it stands without this change, the government has a requirement that it must apply for a single warrant and that it has to be in the same judicial district where this search will take place,” Lee told WND and Radio America.

“But under the amended version of Rule 41 (b)(6)(B), if that takes effect, this deliberate and focused process would be scrapped, and it would be scrapped in favor of a nationwide warrant to search millions of devices anywhere across the country,” Lee said. – READ MORE

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