Migrants put US asylum plans on hold as they seek temp jobs in Tijuana


Thousands of asylum-seeking migrants from Central America are starting to pick up day jobs in Mexico as they wait for their shot at legal entry into the United States.

Even though America is the ultimate goal, migrants including 20-year-old Josue Pineda understand it can take up to several months to get the asylum process rolling.

“Most of these people are still dreaming of America, but if there’s a chance to get a job here, there’s no way I’m not going to take it,” the Honduran migrant told NPR recently.

Pineda and hundreds of other migrants spend their mornings looking for work.

Most days they won’t know where they’re going or when they’ll be back. In a majority of cases, they’re just happy to leave the stifling conditions of the overcrowded, grimy shelters at the border. And, they get to pick up some cash to make their lives easier while waiting for asylum. – READ MORE

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