Migrants Call out Activists Groups for Organizing Caravans Without Informing Them About Potential Consequences


Some migrants are questioning their decision to trust the activist groups that promised them a way to cross the border to the United States.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is the activist group that escorted the migrant caravan from Honduras to the U.S. border this fall. Over 5,000 people are now waiting in the border city of Tijuana to apply for asylum.

However, some are claiming that they were never properly warned about what waited at the border.

“We were never told along the way that it would be this hard,” said Adelaida Gonzalez, a migrant from Guatemala, in an interview with ABC News.

Some are also questioning why these groups encouraged the caravans to make the journey.

“There is no reason to make these inhumane journeys,” said Alejandro Solalinde, a priest who lives in Mexico. – READ MORE

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