Migrant caravan appears to be moving northward faster, as crowds take advantage of free rides


Migrants in the leading caravan trying to make its way to the United States appear to be approaching the border at a faster pace now, as the group takes advantage of rides being offered by trucks and other vehicles.

A Fox News crew traveling with the caravan observed a group of migrants in Tepanatepec climbing up the sides of a tall red truck Monday morning after it pulled into an area where the city’s mayor and volunteers were distributing food.

“The trucks come up, and they queue up…this is how they are mostly moving,” Fox News’ Griff Jenkins said on-air. “Now, they do walk, but it is very exhausting.”

One of the migrants gave a thumbs-up and a smile to a Fox News cameraperson before boarding the truck. The migrants are trying to make their way to Mexico City and then the U.S., despite repeated warnings from President Trump that they will not be allowed across the border.

There are currently three migrant caravans trying to make their way to America. The first caravan, which has included as many as 7,200 people and is currently approximately 1,000 miles from the closest border crossing with the U.S., entered Mexico from Guatemala around Oct. 20. – READ MORE


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