Michigan barber ticketed for defying coronavirus lockdown says he’ll work until arrested or ‘Jesus walks in’


Michigan barber, who reopened his shop Monday in defiance of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s coronavirus lockdown order, says that even though he was issued tickets that could see him face jail time and fines, he will continue working until police arrest him, Taser him or “Jesus walks in.”

Karl Manke, 77, told local media outlets that police had cited him twice for reopening his barbershop in Owosso, where he has cut hair for 60 years. He said he is due in court on June 6.

Barbershops and hair salons have been closed in Michigan, and other parts of the country, following the governors’ executive orders meant to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Those who violate Whitmer’s order in Michigan can face a 90-day misdemeanor and/or a $500 fine. Whitmer has been criticized for her strict lockdown, prompting armed demonstrators to protest at the Capitol last week.

“I don’t need the governor to be my mother,” Manke told the Flint Journal. “I have one. God bless her, she’s gone now. I don’t need another mother. I can make these adult decisions myself.”

Manke said money has been tight since the shutdown and he can no longer afford to stay closed. Even with the potential consequences, the 77-year-old said he plans on keeping his doors opens. – READ MORE

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