Michelle Obama Whines She Was One of Few ‘People of Color’ Forced to Endure Trump Inauguration


Michelle Obama, the former first lady, kept up the string of classless attacks against the Trumps that she and her husband, Barack Obama, have become known for, ripping over the weekend the current commander-in-chief’s inaugural crowd in January 2017 as one that was “not reflective of the country.”


Still, the woman who was never proud of her country until her own husband was elected painted the entire inauguration crowd in 2017 with a broad brush.

“I had to sit in that audience, one of a handful of people of color, and then listen to that speech,” she lamented. “All that I had sort of held onto for eight years, watching my husband get raked over the coals, feeling like we had to do everything perfectly … By the time I got on that plane, it was release of eight years of having to try to show up, as we all know we have to do, not only perfectly but a little bit better than perfect to even be considered equal.”

She spent eight years in the White House with her husband. And she is still complaining that they’re not considered equal. – READ MORE

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