Michael Moore Asks the Left: ‘Are You Ready’ to Take On Trump’s ‘Insane Base’


Far-left documentary filmmaker Michael Moore informed his 6 million Twitter followers Wednesday that he watched President Trump’s reelection speech and asked fellow resisters if they are ready to take on Trump’s “fired-up insane base.”

The Fahrenheit 11/9 filmmaker told his followers that he watched Trump’s reelection speech in its entirety in order to get a good look at the “enormity of the fight ahead.” Michael Moore was seemingly incensed by President Trump’s massive crowd of supporters.

“He hasn’t lost one inch of his fired-up insane base,” Moore said.

Moore’s devotion to “plugging in” and paying attention seems to be a recent development. Contrast his newfound position with the warning he issued prior to President Trump’s State of the Union Address in January. – READ MORE

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