Mexican border agency seen as aiding illegal immigration


South of the border, Grupo Beta is seen as a humanitarian organization that steers north-bound migrants through the crossfire of warring drug cartels. But in Texas, many view it as part of a pipeline that sends humans and drugs pouring into the U.S., all with the funding and backing of the Mexican government.

Grupo Beta, supported by Mexico’s National Institute of Migration, may be the sole bastion of relief for migrants in Tamaulipas state, across the border from the southeast Texas region which includes such cities as Brownsville, Laredo and McAllen. The 25 year-old agency was created to help Tijuana deal with huge numbers of migrants passing through, but has since expanded its reach across both the northern and southern borders of Mexico. Critics say the agency, whose motto “vocation, humanitarianism and loyalty,” is complicit in breaking U.S. laws. – READ MORE

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