Mexican ambassador to the US: There are criminals in the caravan (VIDEO)


Mexico’s ambassador to Washington has said that “there are people that have criminal backgrounds” in the migrant caravan, lending weight to President Trump’s assertion that it presents a threat to the United States.

Geronimo Gutierrez told the Washington Examiner that while there were criminal elements in the caravan, he could not put a number on how many there might be. A Department of Homeland Security official reportedly said on Monday the department estimates that there are more than 500 criminals traveling in the caravan heading toward the U.S.

The Washington Examiner asked Gutierrez if that number was consistent with his information. He responded: “What I can tell you is that we, you know, work together very closely with the United States through different mechanisms to look at people that are moving through our region and I think that’s positive because it allows us to identify individuals that might have a criminal background.” – READ MORE

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