‘MeToo’ Movement Founder On Biden Sex Assault Allegations: He Can Be ‘Accountable And Electable’


One of the founders of the #MeToo movement, which pledged to root out sexual harassment and sexual violence in the entertainment and media industries and bring perpetrators to swift and decisive justice, is making an exception for former Vice President Joe Biden, recently the subject of a sexual assault allegation.

Tarana Burke, who is widely recognized as the primary activist behind #MeToo — and widely celebrated as the “brave” woman who empowered women in the entertainment industry to finally address widespread sexual harassment and violence — said on social media that, while every woman deserves to be heard and acknowledged when making claims of sexual violence, the situation with Biden is different.


“On the other hand,” Burke adds, “the defense of Joe Biden shouldn’t rest on whether or not he’s a ‘good guy’ or ‘our only hope.”

She then offers Biden a way out: “Instead, he could demonstrate what it looks like to be both accountable and electable.”

In other words, the movement Burke lead, to remove sexual predators from positions of power, only applies when those men are unsavory characters in particular industries. In cases where alleged sexual predators may rise to positions of power that ultimately benefit progressive activists, it’s possible to promote those same alleged sexual predators, albeit with reservations. – READ MORE

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