Meryl Streep Once Claimed Dustin Hoffman Groped Her Breast


Slate reports that in a 1979 interview with Time magazine, actress Meryl Streep says that the first time she met Dustin Hoffman, he grabbed her breast. “He came up to me and said, ‘I’m Dustin—burp—Hoffman,’ and he put his hand on my breast,” Streep claims. “What an obnoxious pig, I thought.” Page Six reports that other allegations against her former co-star have apparently caused Streep to avoid the media.

That is not the only sexual impropriety Slate dug up from the Oscar-winner’s past:

Streep’s story echoes Hoffman’s own account of “very gently” pinching his Graduate co-star Katharine Ross’ rear end during their first screen test. He did it, he said in a 1992 interview, “as a way to help loosen us up.” Stories about him have circulated in the press for years, framed as the behavior of a playful playboy. “I’m a flirt,” the actor told People magazine in a 1983 cover story. “I also have a lot of chauvinism, a lot of womanizing in my past. It’s hard for me to find a woman unattractive, unless she’s angry or down on herself.” He once told Playboy that he lost his virginity at 15 to a 20-year-old “nymphomaniac” when he pretended, in a darkened room, to be his older brother, Ronny.

The Slate article includes an excerpt from a 1982 Hoffman biography that claims, among other things, he once unzipped a reporter’s blouse while she was interviewing him:

Even Dustin has admitted on occasion that he loves to flirt, claiming that he does it as an involuntary reflex. He has supposedly cornered women in elevators to solicit sex and has even unzipped one woman reporter’s blouse to peek down her chest during an interview. He tries to catch himself, but finds it difficult to overcome the temptation.

Hoffman is currently embroiled in the mushrooming Harveywood scandal. Already two accusers have come forward with the claims that Hoffman engaged in sexual misconduct and harassment.

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