Merkel Says Germany Should Have Acted Sooner to Aid Refugees


Chancellor Angela Merkel conceded failings in Germany’s approach to waves of migrants arriving at Europe’s door: it should have done more to accommodate them a decade ago.

Merkel, in an interview with the Munich-based newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung published late Tuesday, defended her decision to admit more than 1 million refugees last year even as neighboring countries threw up barriers and razor-wire fences. In fact, Germany had “ignored the problem for too long,” she said.

“As far back as 2004 and 2005 a lot of refugees arrived, and we left Spain and others at the external borders to deal with it,” the chancellor was cited as saying. “After we’d taken in so many refugees during the Yugoslav wars, Germany was very happy that it was now up to others to handle,” she said. “But that’s just not on.” – READ MORE

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